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Looking for a gift idea that may help you with your fitness goals?

Looking for a gift idea? Michael Griffin passed on the article, 2 Wristbands Keep Tabs on Fitness . This article gives an overview of a couple of the products on the market to help you track fitness. 

One of the products mentioned is the Nike fuelband.

My brother got the fuelband for his birthday this summer, and he’s still wearing it! When I told him I would be posting something on the blog about the fuelband he gave his feedback “it is comfortable to wear, gives you an idea about your fitness level, its easy to charge, and it makes a good watch. However, when it comes to the accuracy of the fuelband, I find it to be a little off. I noticed I get more “points” for doing the dishes or folding laundry than I would for a run.  So in that sense, the band is probably not as accurate as say a fitbit, but it helps me think about my fitness activity daily. In fact, I have been known to do an extra workout at night just so I can see it light up when I hit my goal.”

What products do you use to track your fitness levels?

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A recipe submitted by Kathy Howitt, Nutrition for Health in Massena

Happy Holidays to all of you,

As you get ready for the holidays and trying to approach them in a healthy way, try this delicious recipe for Pumpkin Bread.  It has a base of almond meal instead of flour and therefore is grain-free, gluten-free and low in carbs.  You will see the nutritional analysis on the recipe.  You can also check out Maria’s Blog, she has lots of good recipes and good nutrition information! http://mariahealth.blogspot.com/

I have also attached a recipe for bread that can be used for sandwiches.  It is from Dr. Davis, the author of Wheat Belly. Wheat Belly Focaccia Bread

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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A healthy sidedish for Turkey day!

“So say goodbye to bland, soggy, army-green beans and wow your family and friends with this flavor packed, nutrient-rich side dish that will hopefully become a family favorite for you too!”

Green Beans with Pomegranates & Toasted Walnuts

Find the recipe to this wonderful looking sidedish here: http://eatingwithpurpose.com/2011/11/green-beans-with-pomegranates-toasted-walnuts/

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Thanksgiving aka Marathon Meal…

The average American eats over 7,000 calories on Thanksgiving day!!

*To calculate your average daily maintenance calories (calorie intake to maintain currentweight), take your current  weight and multiply it by 10 if you’re female, 11 if you’re male. Just by doing this simple calculation, you can see how the holiday season can take a toll on your wellness goals.

In fact, to burn off the calories of the average Thanksgiving dinner you would have to walk a 26.2 mile marathon



Don’t erase all of your hard work these past few months-

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Work Towards Your Workout Goal!

Source physiofit

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Vegan Revival

This Tuesday you’re going to get more than just your one and done recipe. Danielle has been kind enough to share her “Vegan Revival” blog with us, which she updates regularly with “Shockingly delicious, incredibly healthy, and fantastically easy recipes.”

Danielle says, “I am on a mission to prove to the meat-loving masses healthy, animal-free cuisine can be ridiculously delicious and satisfying. Not only are the recipes on this blog some of the best food you will ever experience, plant-based diets have been proven to help people achieve a healthy weight, look younger, and prevent heart disease and cancer. Sound to good to be true? Well, it’s not. This is one of those very rare cases where the truth is oh so sweet and there is no catch.”

Now I’m know that I part of the meat-loving crowd, so it is hard for me to make a meal without beef or chicken. But after looking at some of these recipes, and Danielle’s easy instructions, I’m going to have to try it out.

Check it out: http://veganrevival.wordpress.com/

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