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Welcome to the CU Wellness Blog

Welcome to the CU Wellness blog! Here you can find the latest announcements, classes, and resources for the Safer and Healthier Everyday Program.

Did you know that Clarkson launched the Safer & Healthier Everyday Program April 1, 2012? 

Do you know what the program is and why Clarkson is offering it to all Clarkson employees? 

 It is a fact that those who lead a healthy lifestyle that includes daily activity and attention to nutrition have a high quality of life.  They enjoy their family, friends, and sleep better at night.  These individuals experience less stress and feel that they add value and are productive at work as well.

 The Safer & Healthier Everyday Program at Clarkson has been created to help encourage Clarkson employees to live their best life possible by providing the necessary tools and information for people to start moving in the right direction, or to provide new tools for those continuing on a healthy path.

 Through the program you are completely in charge of your participation by logging fitness activity, signing up for and suggesting health and wellness classes that interest you, reaping the benefits of your participation.

Over 150 employees have signed up for the program and are receiving the rewards to decrease the price of a Clarkson fitness class or the cost of their health benefit package.  If you have not signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

To get started, go to and complete your Personal Health Profile.  This is just the beginning of endless opportunities.


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