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This week…


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Having a healthy mind is just as important!

This Thursday focus on the health of your mind. Here are 7 essential mental activities that should be done DAILY!

I think we all need to focus on a few of these areas 🙂

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Get a workout in today!

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Snacking Smart

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself snacking throughout the day-especially that 2-4:30 pm timeframe. I noticed that if I don’t bring in a snack, I just continue to grab candy out of the basket in our office (not the healthiest choice). So when Christine Compeau shared this great link, I just had to put it up for “Tuesday’s Treat”.  

Share you’re favorite wellness articles with us!

Here are some great tips from Feel Great on “Learning to Snack Smart”

1. Many snacks means smaller meals. Remember that those calories from your snacks add up. Eating one 100 calorie snack during the day is normal. If you are snacking more than that, you should eat smaller, lower calorie meals to compensate.

healthy snacks

Try to limit your snacks to healthy options such as yogurt with fruit or granola.

2. Look for nutritious snacks. Not all of your snacks have to be nutritious, but if you snack more than once a day, you should still be keeping the food pyramid in mind. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products (like cheese and yogurt), whole grains (such as whole wheat crackers and granola) and nuts, all make excellent nutritious snacks.

3. Control the size of your snacks. Buy snack packs of foods that you know you will munch on during the day or prepare your own snack packs. Portion sizes matter with snacks as much as with meals. It can be easy to compulsively crunch on some crackers and end up eating the whole box in one sitting. If you prefer buying in bulk, snack smart by measuring out snack sized portions and put them in plastic bags to take with you to work or on the go.

4. Count soda and smoothies as a snack. Both soda and smoothies have as many calories in them as a healthy snack, or more. Be sure not to discount these calories.

5. Listen to your body. Try to only snack when you are hungry. It can be tempting to go grab a snack when you are feeling bored or want a change of activity. If you aren’t actually hungry, try going for a short walk around the office or just make a run to the water fountain to fill up your glass instead.

If you live by these tips, then snacking won’t get in the way of your weight loss. You might find that eating healthy snacks throughout the day and smaller meals makes you feel more energized and alert. Feeding your body as it is using energy can be very healthy for you as long as you are not giving your body more energy than it needs or filling it with sugar instead of nutrients.

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Happy Monday!

What healthy choices are you going to make this week?

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Substitutions for your fridge!

Click on the following image to access some healthy alternatives to use in your favorite recipes. What substitutions are you already using?



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It’s the little things!

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